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user parameters

IDdata typetextspec. system
1001booleanDisplay Search on Startpage
1002booleanDisplay Time-Stamp on Startpage
1003booleanDisplay Abcenserequest on Startpage
1011booleanHide application logo on Startpage
1099booleanDisplay old navigation styleOBSOLET!!!
2101booleanDisable Datepicker on ems Mobile
2102booleanDisable Timepicker on ems Mobile
2103boolean15min Time input in ems Mobile
7001DecimalDefault WageType for Dropdown on Time-Stamp
7002DecimalDefault WageType for Dropdown on Absence Request
7003DecimalDefault WageType for Dropdown on Allowance Request
7010booleanEntry Time-Records with Seconds
7011booleanEntry Expenses-Records with Seconds
17010DateDefault “From” Date for Organization
17011DateDefault “From” Date for Timekeeping Profile
17012DateDefault “From” Date for Private Data
17013DateDefault “From” Date for Job Allocation
17014DateDefault “From” Date for Manager Level
100000-100999Decimal & StringReport Default selection
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