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Billing pictures

15 SAP SAP HR: employees Import hourly credits
16 SAP SAP HR: employee shift schedules import
80 SAP reported hours (service contract)
82 INTERNAL CMDB (IT/Vehicle) Create transfers
83 INTERNAL EMS Interface 83
84 INTERNAL Prepare EMS and email messages
85 INTERNAL EMS Interface 85
103 AD EMS web service import active Directory User
104 AD EMS web service send mail
163 SCHOCH SchochAuftrag control prints
164 SCHOCH SchochOrder Book receipts
165 SCHOCH SchochOrder Offers
210 SAP BDE hours export
211 SAP BDE expense export
212 SAP SAP HR personnel data in EMS import
214 SAP SAP CO Create internal orders and to edit
219 SAP SAP IS-U open customer items import
221 SAP SAP FI EMS orders for K workflow export
224 SAP SAP FI Import of posted K workflow documents
227 SAP SAP IS-U create contract accounts or edit
228 SAP SAP IS-U Creating business partners or edit
229 SAP SAP IS-U customer receipts (invoices) create
231 SAP SAP CO / COPA Create transfer postings
232 PUBLIC Exchange rate from the Internet compare
240 SAP SAP vendor master data in EMS take over
401 INTRANET Insider Import employee
601 Load BI data into BI system from EMS DB
901 EMS PRINT File Storage for new documents
2001-2010 FILE documents
2011-2020 FILE documents with barcode
2112 NAVISION Import Navision project numbers
2122 DIAS project and work steps import
2512 NAVISION (SOAP) import project numbers
2522 NAVISION (SOAP) barcode import
3122 DIAS performance time export
6001-6005 WOOCOMMERCE WooCommerce Products (Half Duplex)
6006-6010 WOOCOMMERCE WooCommerce Orders
6011-6015 WOOCOMMERCE WooCommerce products (ems = master)
6016-6020 WOOCOMMERCE WooCommerce customers (ems = master) 2 = Delete not existing in shop (yes/no)
6021-6025 WOOCOMMERCE WooCommerce Reseller Prices
6501-6510 EMS portal supplier comparison (EAN, stock)
10001 INTERNAL Generate Invoice from Sales (send to Email from Customer)
10002 INTERNAL Generate Invoice from Sales (send to Company Email)
10012 INTERN Receivable Accounts To Finance (Accounts receivable)
10013 INTERNAL Payable Accounts To Finance (settlement accounts payable)
10014 INTERNAL GoodFlows To Finance (Accounting for merchandise management)
10015 INTERNAL Sales To Finance (Billing POS system)
10021 INTERNAL Calculation of time recording (UEZ, change of period, rules, etc.)
10101 INTERNAL Send email from Cache
10111 INTERNAL Synchronization of Exchange Server
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