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Store images and logos

system settings

On this page you will find an overview of the system settings.

Access to the system settings

The system settings are accessible behind the user menu (top right by the name) under – system settings.

The different settings

system images

Logos from reports

All reports (printouts) have the possibility to store a logo in the upper right corner. The logo must be stored as an image file in 2:1 format (width x height). There are several possibilities to deposit an optimal image.

Variant 1: No major quality requirements

Open a file of your logo and resize it to the ratio (2:1). The ideal size has proven to be 400px x 200px. Now save the file in JPG or PNG format and upload it to the ems under the system images.
In this variant, white backgrounds are sometimes not displayed correctly or are given a beige or slightly grayish background.

Variant 2: Medium quality requirements

Proceed as in variant 1. But save the file as 256color BMP. The easiest way to do this in Microsoft Paint is to use Save As “… Do BMP with 256 colors”.
By reducing the colors, individual colors in the logo can be distorted. However, the advantage is that the white background is displayed correctly.

Variant 3: High quality requirements

Maximum quality requirements are achieved in emf or wmf (Windows Metadata File) format.
To save images in this format, there is a trick. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and import or copy your logo into the report. Adjust the image to 2:1 format as well. To avoid losses, you can enlarge the picture to the size of the presentation. Now to save the image file, open the context menu above the image, select “Save graphic …” and save this in emf format.
With this variant, transparent backgrounds are also adopted.

Presentation of offer and invoice documents

Position of the sender address

Determine the position of the sender address. Only the predefined selections are possible. The logo is always imperatively positioned on the top right.

Window position

Yes, depending on the envelope used, this option can move the address from the left side. Infogle of the space required by the address is always recommended to use the address on the left.

Print logo

Determine if the logo should be printed on the report or if you use letterhead with pre-printed logo. The quality of the logo printed by the system is always worse than a preprint on paper. Electronic receipts (PDF) are always printed with logo and do not affect this setting.

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