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Import data

In different areas it is possible to import data.

The import function is located in the respective menu on the right side. Import functions are accessible only to administrators.

Upload the import file

First select the desired import function and then drag the file into the upload field. Most import files must be in the form of a csv file.

Assign the fields

After uploading the file, it will be analized. If the file can be processed, the assignment mask is displayed.

On the left side you will find the fields in the ems. You can select in which field the data will be written. In some cases there are also special fields like the field street + house number, which automatically separates the house number during import.

On the right side you will find the column label and the first data row of your file. Now select the corresponding column in your file. Empty fields in ems are not imported.

In special cases, you will also find static values or selections from the ems system on the right side, for example, the assigned wage type in payroll processing.

In many areas, an ID such as the internal or external customer number can be assigned. It is strongly recommended to use them! If a file is read in more than once with the assigned customer number, the data is updated and not created again.


Click Save and start the processing. The data is automatically processed step by step. You will see a progress bar during this time.

The import is performed record by record and may take some time.

At the end of the process you will receive a result.

By clicking on “Detailed log file…” you can download an extended log file.

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