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Clients / Multiside


System = stand-alone ems system with its own database in the background
Company code = legal entity that represents its own balance sheet
Organizations = departments within a unit

Map multiple legal entities (companies)

If you would like to map several companies, there are two basic options.

  1. Setup of multiple company codes in one ems system
    (company codes correspond to legal entities)
  2. Establishment of independent ems systems


several company codes in the same system

+ All master data such as employees, customers, suppliers are identical and only have to be maintained once
+ Intercompany orders can be solved in an integrated manner (invoice – vendor)
+ Employees have a system and an environment
+/- Accounts receivable and accounts payable management are centralized
– Employees also see data outside of their own organization
– Restrictions in the adaptability of the processes
– Once the entity (company) is sold or separated from the environment, greater effort is required to separate the data
– Charts of accounts, wage types, ect. are absolutely identical in both companies

standalone systems

+ Completely separate data storage, a separation is possible without any problems
+ Employees of other units do not see any data (100% authorization separation)
+/- Accounts receivable and accounts payable management are independent of the other units
– Master data must be maintained in two systems. For example, when the same employees work in several organizations.

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