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ems client

The ems client is additional software for the ems system. It allows to open and edit documents directly. Without the client, documents have to be downloaded and uploaded manually. To use this function, you must have the “Document Management” license and the corresponding user must have the right.

Download ems installer

First download the ems installer from our website:


After downloading, start the ems installer. Depending on the security settings, you will be asked if you want to run the file downloaded from the Internet. Our software has a certificate. When you run this, you can see that the publisher is SUBRIS GmbH.
Depending on the Windows version, you may have to click on “… more options” and then on “run anyway”. The execution of individual virus protection programs can also be prevented. You can also classify the downloaded file as “Safe” there.

The installation program can be run both as a user and as an administrator. The program will try to start with the highest privileges, which may mean that a message will appear asking if you want to run the program as an administrator. If the ems client is run as a user, the installed programs are only accessible to the user.

Start the installer

When you start the ems client for the first time, you will be asked to enter a license key.

You can find this in the web application under “System settings” and you can copy it directly from there.

Select the desired installation options

Select the installation options shown below. The links are optional and not mandatory.

You can now continue and complete the installation with “Next”.

First time launch

Start the ems client at least once. After that, you no longer need to start the ems client manually.
A configuration of the ems client is not necessary.

From now on you can open documents directly on the web with the following icon.

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