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permission roles


Important Information

The existing notification system will be deactivated with version 2.6 of ems Web. All notifications are only controlled via the authorization roles.


Personal notifications

Personal notifications are only sent to one person at a time.

Notifications to all employees

Anyone who has been assigned this role will receive the notification.

notification types

0001Own visa is due todaybatch processing
0002Time request has been processedbatch processing
1001Time tracking entry was not completedbatch processing
1002Request for time requires a check (project manager)batch processing
1003Time request must be approved (superior)batch processing
1004The time recording must be checked today (project manager)batch processing
1005Time tracking must be completed today (supervisor)batch processing
1006Error in data transmission from acquisition terminalsAt the event
1007No time tracking entry despite target hoursbatch processing
*** from version 2.9200.0002
1008The time recording was approved by the employeebatch processing
*** from version 2.9602.0002
1009The daily overtime exceeds 0.1 hoursbatch processing
1010Error in data exchange with external systemsAt the event
1011A new document has been importedAt the event
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