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Approval of employee reports

A supervisor’s visa can also be set if the employee has not yet set a visa. This enables the report to be closed in the event of unplanned absences. This is also used if the employee does not collect any data himself.

set release

Access to Time and Expense Approval can be found on the left navigation bar under Time and Expense Approval.

To release the report, select the green “tick”. You must release each report individually. The hourglass symbol (yellow frame) indicates that the time recording has already been completed by your employee.
You have the following options for checking the data. In the middle column you will find a total of the entered values, documents for compensation are displayed if they have been scanned or photographed. If you would like to view further information, you have the option of outputting various reports directly using the printer symbol on the employee line.

Variant 1: for the withdrawal of the visa

In the normal procedure, all employees who have been signed off disappear. In order to display the already approved reports again, deactivate the option “Hide released reports”. All employees are then displayed, including those who have already been reported. Recognize those that have already been released by the green symbol (yellow frame). With the symbol on the right you can remove the visa from the employee.

Variant 2: for the withdrawal of the visa

Open the employee in normal time tracking. Clicking on the Release… button (1) takes you to the brief overview of the employee. Depending on the existing status and your authorizations, you have the option of setting or removing the supervisor’s and/or employee’s visa. (2)

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