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Enter and edit time requests

Time requests are requests for attendances or absences (e.g. vacation). In contrast to direct time recording, the requests are only transferred to the time recording after they have been released.

The release can take place via one or two levels (release only by supervisor or additionally by a project manager). Once an application has been released, it cannot be changed.

Recording a time request

Tap on the “Plus” symbol to create a new entry.

Under point (1) you select the desired time type, the selection is in dependence of your authorizations.

After the selection you can enter the desired duration. Whether this is by the hour, half / full days or automatically completing the day depends on the selected time type. Depending on the selection, you only have to enter the start date or also the time.

Under point 3 you can upload a document or image directly to the application. Save saves the data and, depending on the setting, informs the appropriate persons for release.

Edit a time request

As long as the application is not released, you can edit it again or delete it. Confirmed applications receive a green tick.

Show hourly credit (vacation & flexitime)

In the “Balance” tab you can view the current balances. By turning the phone, additional columns are displayed.

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