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Release of time recording

The report can only be released by the employee himself. It is not possible for another employee to issue an “own visa”. The report sharing icon will be hidden automatically. As soon as the personal visa is set, the time recording can no longer be adjusted. However, the release can be revoked while the recording period is still open.

Switch to your own personal input mask. To do this, click on the “Time and compensation recording” (1) function on the left menu bar. There may be several employees in the list that now appears. Now choose yourself (2). If you are not on the list, please contact the person responsible for time recording in your company. In this case, you do not have the necessary permissions. The same procedure also applies if you do not see the entry “Time and compensation recording” in the left menu bar.

In order to set your own visa, you now have the option of setting the visa with the “Release” (1) function. With the setting of the visa, a detailed check of the data takes place. You can also carry out the check without setting the visa with the “Check” function, but this is not absolutely necessary.
Please note that the open period is always released. The information about the active period is highlighted in yellow in the figure below.

When checking or releasing, it is possible that error messages and information are returned. Once an error message is returned, the data is not released until the errors are corrected. See below for a list of error messages and possible solutions.

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