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Capture time requests

The employees in the workshop can use the manual recording device to enter their vacation and absence requests. We do this on the PC via the “Time requests” tab. (This notification replaces the yellow absence receipts with immediate effect)

In the drop-down field you can select which absence it is:

Select the appropriate absence IMPORTANT: – Company holidays are entered automatically, these do NOT HAVE TO BE SUBMITTED – Please communicate hourly compensation directly to the supervisor, DO NOT SUBMIT. Enter beginning and end Save

Absence requests that have not yet been confirmed by the coordinator now appear without a green tick

The coordinator now has an application for time open, which he must first approve. Management employees must also approve their own time requests themselves.

Request for time confirmed by coordinator; green tick

time request rejected by coordinator; red Cross

The invisible ones Absences, such as illness and accidents, are reported by the coordinator entered directly. These are carried out in accordance with our “Absence Rules” directive reports personally.

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