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Outlook signature

Setting up the ems for the automatic Outlook signature


The ems system is capable of automatically creating Outlook signatures. The function is based on the integrated document management. The ems client is used for setup, which ensures access to the local file system.

instruction video

Step by step guide

Creating the signature in Outlook

Create one or more signatures in Outlook. To do this, use the normal Outlook wizard.
Information on how to create the signature can be found here .
All areas that are to be automatically replaced by the system must be provided with bookmarks. The list of valid bookmarks can be found here: Automatically replace bookmarks ( refresh page – NM)

Store signature as a document in ems

Now go to the Outlook signatures folder by typing  %Appdata% /microsoft/signatures in Windows Explorer. You will now see a list of files and folders that represent the signatures . Mark all files with the mouse and select the ” Send to ” function in the context menu (right mouse button).> Zip compressed folder “. A new file with the extension “Zip” will now be created. The name of this file is not relevant for the system and can be chosen freely.
Now start the ems web system and switch to the “Documents” menu. There you select “New document”, give the document an appropriate name and upload the previously created zip file. The system now automatically assigns an ID number for the document. Make a note of this ID number as it must be entered in the client.

Installation and setup of the ems client

Install the latest version of the client from our website .
For new systems, you will be asked for the license key during installation. The ems client can be installed under administrator as well as under normal user. If the client is to be available to all users on the computer, the installation must be carried out with administrator rights. The same applies to the settings, if the client is started with administrator rights, the settings are made for all users.

Settings in the ems client

The following settings must be made for the automatic generation of the signature.
– The ID number of the document must be stored in the “Outlook” tab. (This corresponds to the ID that was generated when the document was created.)
– Optionally, the client can be started automatically under System (this setting is related to the user)
– It can also be specified under System that the client is automatically closed again. This has the advantage that the client does not run in the background if it is only used for the signature. If this option is active, the client is automatically terminated after 5 seconds. The shutdown can be stopped by right-clicking on the icon and selecting the option “… exit cancel” is selected.

Subsequent adjustment of the signature

In order to adapt the signature, the original document can now simply be replaced in the ems web. The easiest way to do this is to download the ZIP file (with the bookmarks) and replace or supplement the files. At the end, the new ZIP file can be uploaded again.

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