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document templates


The template system allows replacing bookmarks in documents.
All bookmarks must be used as “normal” text with {}. For example{UserFullName} . Upper and lower case must also be taken into account.

Supported Applications

Bookmark replacement is only supported in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The version must be at least 2010 or newer. No “dotx” or “xmlx” template files are supported, only “normal” documents.

List of valid bookmarks

Bookmarks in the document templates

Bookmarks in document templates can be used in ems web or ems client.
Save the template in the document system and select the desired template type.

Supported bookmarks

You can call up the list of supported bookmarks directly in the template system.
To do this, open the desired object, eg a sales order. Behind the templates you will find an extended menu with the menu item “Show bookmarks”.

Bookmarks in the Outlook signature

Information on setting up the automatic Outlook signature can be found here:
Automatic Outlook signature

Supported bookmarks

Bookmark content example
EmployeeCode personnel number 1234
EmployeeCodeFull Personnel number MA00001234
EmployeeExternalCode External personnel number YXZ1234
Salutation Salutation of the employee Mr. / Ms
FullName First and last name of the logged in user Daniel Suter
LastName Last name of the logged in user Suter
FirstName First name of the logged in user Daniel
Function Function of the logged-in user Head of telematics group
SpecialistTitle Specialist title of the logged-in userfederal graduate electrician
Email Email address of the registered user hans.muster@noreply.ch
MobileType0 Phone number (mobile) from the registered user 0791234567
MobileType1 Telephone number (mobile) of the registered user +41 (0)79 123 45 67
PhoneType0 Telephone number (office) of the logged-in user 0441234567
PhoneType1 Telephone number (office) of the registered user +41 (0)44 123 45 67
Organisation* Organizational information with prefix (e.g. OrganisationDepartment)
CompanyName Company name SUBRIS GmbH
Department accounting department
StreetAndNumber Street and number Sample Street 8
Postcode zip code 8000
City locality of Zurich
Email Email address info@musterfirma.ch
PhoneType0 phone number 0441234567
PhoneType1 phone number +41 (0)44 123 45 67


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