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Add documents via DragDrop

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The automatic upload of documents using “drag and drop” only works with documents saved on the file system. It is not possible to upload documents directly from Microsoft Outlook.
The reason is that the standard HTML5 aims at a physically existing file and this is not available in Outlook.


Variant 1: Save in a temporary folder


1. Create a temporary folder.


2. Drag the emails or attachments to the temporary folder. (The files are created there.)
3. Now drag the created files into the ems web in the upload area
4. Delete the locally created files.

Variant 2: Use of the OutlookFileDrag tool


1. Download the “OutlookFileDrag” tool from the website . (The tool is available for free.)
2. Close Outlook and run Setup.exe. The tool will now be installed.
3. Open Outlook and complete the installation.


1. Now you can drag emails and attachments directly to the ems web.

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