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Scan vendor invoices

If you receive a lot of vendor invoices by mail (paper), it makes sense to use a scanner with automatic scanning of vendor invoices.


You capture the document via a scanner. Most simply, the scanner has a button labeled “ems”. The captured document is read and processed by the system.

If a QR code is detected in the document, the complete vendor invoice is created and can only be edited. If the QR code is not readable, the document is placed in the cache and can be used when creating vendor invoices.

Optionally, a notification of the operation can also be sent by email or within the ems. This contains the information whether the vendor invoice could be recognized or only the document was created.

Where can I find the captured documents?

If a document has been recognized as a vendor invoice, this is visible in the list of open vendor invoices. “Main menu” –> “Accounts payable”.

If the document was not recognized as a vendor invoice, the document will only be saved as a PDF to the clipboard. This can then be used when entering new vendor invoices.

From there you can transfer the PDF directly to the vendor invoice with the “Plus”.

Technical structure

The following components are required on the customer side:

  • Scanner to capture the documents
  • Server or workstation with ems Server Tool installed (incl. Windows Service)

The scanner captures the documents and creates the PDF. The created PDF is transferred to a local server using SMB or FTP. The ems Server Tool installed on the server recognizes the filed document and sends it on to the ems system. The ems system processes the data and searches for corresponding OR codes in the document.


Set up a folder on a local server or workstation. The documents from the scanner must be placed on this folder. For support, it is best to contact your personal IT partner.

The ems Server Tool must be installed on the server. You can find instructions here.

Connect to your ems system in the Server Tool (New System button). After that, wait to start the service.

Start your ems system and click on “System settings” in the user menu, then switch to the “Interfaces” tab. At the end of the list click on the “Plus” icon.

Select “Document import with QR/barcode” in the list.

In the visible settings, under Path, you must specify the local folder where the documents will be saved. You can leave all other settings unchanged.

Finally, start the Windows service in the ems Server Tool.
Important, if the service is already started, stop it and restart it to apply the settings.


Optionally, you can be notified about the import of new documents.

All notifications are controlled by permission roles. It is up to you whether you add the notification to an existing role or store a separate role just for the notifications. Information about setting notifications can be found here.

To do this, activate the “Read in new document” notification, preferably with the “System template”. As soon as a vendor invoice has now been entered, you will receive a notification by email or within the ems. Three cases are distinguished.

  • Document contains a QR code and the QR code could be read out
  • Document contains a QR code which is not valid or in an incorrect version
  • Document does not contain QR code
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