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IDDatentypTextspez. System
1StringDefault MWSt. Code (Eingangssteuer)
2StringDefault MWSt. Code (Ausgangssteuer)
3StringDefault and Home Currency
5xxxxxxReservation for Customer Address-System
12xxxxxxReservation for Supply-System
13xxxxxxReservation for Message-System (Ticketing)
14xxxxxxReservation for Opportunity-System
15xxxxxxReservation for Customer Order-System
16xxxxxxReservation for Customer Address-System
19xxxReservation Goods Flow
20xxxxxxReservation for Document-System
103StringDefault and Home Country
102StringDefault Language
104StringDefault Timezone (System Time)
2001-2010StringExternal Systems to Portal002
2100StringURL Customer Portal002
2200BooleanExternal Reports with Company-Logo (Offer, Invoice, Supply and Order)
2201BooleanExternal Reports without Company-Address (Offer and Invoice)
2202BooleanExternal Reports Address-Windows right and not left (Offer and Invoice)
5020StringTelsearch Access Key
5041DecimalDefault Delay in Days for Payment
5051BooleanManual Entry Fremdnr. Field
6000StringLink for external Vendor Invoice Workflow002
7000DecimalDelay for auto Time Stamp over ems Client X2 on Software Start
7001DecimalDelay for auto Time Stamp over ems Client X2 on Windows Shutdown
7031BooleanAuto set next periode if Manager has Data relased
7101DateTimeLast complete Sync of Terminals
7501DecimalCreate Firm-Number when unknow Order comes over Datafox Terminal (Number is Template)
8000BooleanCheck customer address is released002
9001IntegerCostType code for downpayment (Anzahlungen)
9002IntegerCostType code for proceeds (Erlös)
9003DecimalCostType for Sales Turnover
9051BooleanExternal Create Invoice (Simply Invoice Entry)
9100StringDefault for invoice report (reportname)
9101StringDefault for esr report (reportname)
9151Integer & StringDefault Sort-ID und Groupname for Service (Position-Transfer)
9152Integer & StringDefault Sort-ID und Groupname for Time Records (Position-Transfer)
9153Integer & StringDefault Sort-ID und Groupname for Material (Position-Transfer)
9154DecimalFactor for Material without Sale-Price
10000DecimalCosttype code for debitor
10001DecimalCosttype code for rounding between debitor and other costtype
11000DecimalCosttype code for creditor
11001DecimalCosttype code for rounding between creditor and other costtype
12001BooleanManuel Booking of Supply (without Creditormanagement)
15001IntegerCostType Code for Work in Progress
15301StringOverwrite HeaderText for Report Customer_Order_Analysis_Serviceposition_v001.rpt185
17012StringExternal URL for Intranet (incl. Parameters)
2000000001String & DateLast Database Change Structure Change & Timestamp of Update
2000000002String & DateLicenses Key & Last Update Check (TimeStamp)
2000000011String & DateURL für ems Web & Last Update
2000000012String & DateURL für ems Mobile & Last Update
2000000013String & DateUrl für ems Connect & Last Update
2000000014String & DateUrl für Customer Portal & Last Update
2000010002StringKey for Client Tool
2000020002StringKey for SchochAuftrag Webservice
2000021002StringKey for Public Webservices

2000000003 Boolean Automatic Adjust License deactivate

16001 Integer CostType for SALE VAT
16002 Integer CostType for SALE Turnover

7051 Boolean Block autmatic change to next entry period
7052 Boolean Release with 3 Steps (Control Visum between)
7053 Boolean Different Time-Span for Expenses (otherwise is it same like Timekeeping)

15011 Boolean External Ordernummer is needed

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